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Programs & Courses

We provide a variety of programs and courses for you to grow into your calling.

Below, you will find descriptions of the courses that we currently have. Each course has it’s own set of unique requirements and lessons that will help to build you up in your prophetic ministry.

Foundations of the Bible

This course is for people who want to brush up on their Bible knowledge. It is an intensive course on Christian doctrine and principles that is necessary before one pursues working in ministry.

Intro to Prophetic Ministry

If you are new to prophetic ministry, but are not new to the prophetic, this is the course for you. Filled with knowledge and wisdom from our experienced instructors and trainers, you will have a great basis for you to launch out into your own prophetic ministry.

Prophetic Evangelism 101

Learn how to minister to people prophetically out in the field. This course merges keys to evangelism with a prophetic component. Prophetic evangelism is a very powerful tool in ministering to those who are hurting both inside the church and out in the world.

Spiritual Warfare

As Christians we are constantly under attack from the forces of darkness. In this course, we will teach you the root causes of spiritual attack, how to protect yourself and your loved ones, and how to apply the principles learned to real life scenarios.

Studying the Prophets of Old

In this course, we examine the lives and ministries of some of the great prophets of old. Some of the people of God that we will be studying include: Samuel, Moses, Miriam, Elijah, Deborah and Isaiah.

How to Hear God's Voice

This is an amazing course for those who are new to prophetic ministry. In this course, you will learn about journaling, knowing what God’s voice sounds like, understanding why we need to hear God’s voice… and you WILL hear the voice of God after this program!

Prophetic Worship & the Arts

Our Prophetic Worship and Arts course is a very fun, informative and intense. We make use of the shofar, flags, tambourines and other musical instruments and tools of worship during this course. Prior music knowledge is not required, just a love to worship the Lord!

Apostolic & Prophetic Blueprint

Every person’s DNA is unique. In the same way, as men and women of God, we were designed with our own apostolic and prophetic blueprint is. This course helps you to discover what is your blueprint and how you can use it as a roadmap to your destiny.